Naval Engineering Education Consortium Connects Tech Experts with Academia

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December 19, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: December 19 on

A new collaborative effort that connects Navy technical experts with academia is helping to create partnerships that generate real innovation. As a catalyst for developing the Navy’s future workforce, professors and students at universities nationwide are conducting research and development on naval-relevant topics at their campus laboratories. The research takes place through the Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC), an initiative that provides multiyear funding for project-based, hands-on research conducted during the academic year.

An arrangement between the divisions at the naval warfare centers and various universities enables professors to hire students who are seeking bachelor’s or master’s degrees— and for technical experts from the warfare centers to visit campuses and discuss technology and how their projects relate to challenges facing the Navy and Marine Corps. The warfare center experts also are primed to talk with students about employment as a civilian scientist or engineer. And by all accounts thus far, the students thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to speak with them as part of projects that have direct effects on Navy capabilities.

The three primary objectives of the NEEC initiative are:

• Acquire academic research results and products to resolve naval technology challenges

• Hire college graduates with research and development experience into the Naval Sea System Command workforce

• Cultivate exceptional working relationships with naval engineering colleges, universities, professors, and academics.