Pouncer: the Drone You Can Eat

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October 24, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: October 24 on

Edible craft to have wings stuffed with food and medical supplies for humanitarian missions.

Airframe is made of biodegradable starch-based thermoplastic
Will either be dropped from a plane or shot from a catapult on the ground
Drone will drop within 25 miles of target to keep a safe distance from wars
Production will begin in 12 months and a global roll-out will follow

Using airdrops to deliver relief to disaster zones may sound like a simple solution, but these missions have proved to be inaccurate, wasteful and expensive.

With that in mind, ex-British Army veteran Nigel Gifford is developing a drone with edible wings that is capable of carrying 100-pounds of vacuum-packed food and medical supplies.

Although in early stages, the ”Pouncer” would be released from a plane or catapult and dropped within a 25 mile radius of the target.

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