Real Guns, Non-Lethal Rounds at Tampa Gunfights

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July 24, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: July 24 on

 At a new facility in Hernando County the bullets aren”t exactly live rounds, but your targets are.

Tampa Gunfights says it”s teaching real-world tactical response techniques by using guns and ammo that have been modified for safety.

Their A-R 15”s, Glocks and AK-47”s can only fire special non-lethal rounds. The “bullets” look like a mix between a real bullet and a paint ball. The guns still use gunpowder but the force of the shot is greatly reduced. 

The drills aim to get as close as possible to the look, feel and sound of an active shooter scenario so participants can learn how to fight back from highly trained experts.

The facility will feature both indoor and outdoor training areas where participants will tackle various shooter and hostage scenarios in close quarters. Surprises like fog, flash “grenades” and power outages are also thrown in to keep participants on their toes.