Soldiers Shape the Battlefield With Next Generation of Terrain-Shaping Munitions

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September 10, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: September 10 on

PICATINNY ARSENAL, NJ — Shaping the battlefield, and thus shaping the terrain, has been doctrine for how to execute large-scale ground operations. Obstacles play a vital role in this process, providing friendly forces the freedom of maneuver while limiting the enemy”s ability to do the same.

The Product Manager for Terrain Shaping Obstacles (PdM TSO), based at Picatinny Arsenal, completed a Close Terrain Shaping Obstacle (CTSO) on July 24-25 at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, as part of its ongoing mission to develop the revolutionary next generation of terrain-shaping munitions.

The ability to shape terrain is a key enabler for maneuver and needed capabilities across the Army Modernization Priorities of Long-Range Precision Fires, Next Generation Combat Vehicles, and Future Vertical Lift and Soldier Lethality.

The Picatinny-based PdM TSO, formerly the Product Manager for Gator Landmine Replacement, is part of the Project Manager for Close Combat Systems (PM CCS), which is an element of the Joint Program Executive Office for Armaments and Ammunition (JPEO A&A).