Top 18 Free Training Resources for AI and Machine Learning Skills

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January 4, 2019 | Originally published by Date Line: January 4 on

From books to training courses to datasets to toolkits, here are some great, no-cost resources that will help you transform your current programming skills to meet the AI and machine learning needs of the future.

Developers looking to learn more about artificial intelligence and machine learning have thousands of resources to choose from. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of fantastic and free AI/machine learning resources out there for developers hungry to improve their skills. So where do you start?

The team at Pure AI scoured the forums and message boards, asked working machine learning and AI developers, and consulted with researchers and other experts to come up with the following list that can get developers going in the right direction.

Resources include free books, online courses, interactive web sites, datasets, starter kits/labs, and videos.  Resource # 6 on datasets is a great example.

6. (Datasets) – To actually get hands-on with machine learning, you need data. Kaggle is a probably the most popular of many Web sites within the data science world offering free datasets. From U.K. traffic accidents to top Spotify tracks to stock data to the air quality in India, you”re bound to find something you”ll want to work with (and it correlates datasets from many other sites, so you”re covering a lot of ground using Kaggle). Once you do get your feet wet, pop over to the site”s competition page, which lists a wide variety of machine learning competitions, with prizes currently ranging everywhere from “swag” to $100,000. And don”t miss the site”s starter challenge.