USMC: Escalation of Force – Mission Modules (EoF-MM)

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July 31, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: July 31 on

The Escalation of Force-Mission Modules consists of multi-functional non-lethal weapon systems and force protection equipment needed to satisfy the operational requirement to apply non-lethal force during escalation of force situations. The system is designed by capability module for expedited deployment and replaces all previously fielded Force Protection Capability Sets. The Escalation of Force-Mission Modules provides commanders with an improved ability to respond to situations with varying levels of non-lethal force by way of modular capability sets that can be tailored and scaled to fit missions down to the platoon/squad level. The Escalation of Force-Mission Modules supports the following capabilities: Vehicle Check Point, Entry Control Point, Convoy Security, Crowd Control, Detain Personnel, Conduct Search, Clear Facilities, Conduct Cordon, Urban Patrol, and Establish and Secure Perimeter.