Wrap Technologies Develops Bolo-Based Device to Subdue Suspects

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August 13, 2018 | Originally published by Date Line: August 13 on

The BolaWrap™ 100 is a hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an eight-foot bola style Kevlar tether to entangle an individual at a range of 10-25 feet.

Existing less lethal devices rely on “pain compliance”, increasing the chance of injury or aggression, and complicating apprehension. The BolaWrap 100 is a restraint tool for Police and Military which can be used early in an encounter between officer and suspect in order to prevent unnecessary escalation and violence and resultant force needed to subdue the suspect.

The device is produced by Wrap Technologies and uses replaceable cartridges containing the firing charge and bolo.  Device range is limited, but does provide a new alternative on the law enforcement escalation-of-force spectrum.