Defense Systems Digest

3 OCTOBER 2023

Featured Technical Inquiry

Space-Related Organizations Map

Defense Systems Information Analysis Center staff created a map to show organizations and locations focused on space-related technologies in the United States. The following organizations are shown on the map: Missile Defense Agency Space Systems Command U.S. Space Command NASA AFRL/Software Factories Space Manufacturing Space Industry in General and Spaceports

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Voice From the Community

Dallas Rosson, PMP

Principal Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport

Dallas Rosson serves as a principal engineer responsible for engineering oversight, process and policy planning and management, digital transformations, Agile Scrum oversight and training, and project management for various Navy programs. He performs and oversees research utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, focusing in logistics, supply chain risk, obsolescence predictions, and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages impacts. He is a board member of the Naval Engineering Education Consortium and doctoral fellow at Colorado State University.

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Featured News

Countering Unmanned Aerial System Attacks a Priority

The Joint Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office is working on countermeasures, training, and doctrine to establish solutions to address defense against unmanned aerial system attacks. Army Maj. Gen. Sean A. Gainey, director of that office, spoke today at a Center for Strategic and International Studies event titled “Countering Small Uncrewed Aerial Systems.” “Each of the military services, in partnership with industry, is conducting experiments and doing […]

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Recent News

Marines Test Emerging Technologies at the Combat Center

MARINE CORPS AIR GROUND COMBAT CENTER, Calif. — Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) has emerged as a critical center for innovation within the United States Marine Corps. The largest Marine Corps training facility…

New AI-Enabled Technology Developed by Vanderbilt, 101st Airborne Deployed for Training of NATO and NATO-Partner Units in Europe

Advanced Dynamic Spectrum Reconnaissance (ADSR) is a standout example of the success of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command and the Army Research Laboratory Pathfinder program has had empowering soldiers and researchers to rapidly…

Mission Enzo-Possible: Sandia’s Demonstrator Soars to Success

Sandia answered the nation’s call with an impressive feat:  developing an experimental reentry vehicle within a tight 24-month deadline for a critical test. A reentry vehicle is designed to safeguard a warhead during atmospheric reentry….

Electric Alia Begins Flight Testing at Eglin

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. – The BETA Technologies Alia aircraft lifted off for its first official test flight here on Nov. 7, 2023. The goal of this first test was to examine battery usage…

NSWCPD Engineers Spearheading Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Program for U.S. Navy

A team of engineers at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Philadelphia Division (NSWCPD) are leading a collaborative U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) readiness initiative focused on the development and implementation of data analysis and sustainment technology…

Army’s Digital Buoy System Selected as R&D 100 Finalist

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s (ERDC’s) collaborative effort with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Army Geospatial Center (AGC) on a Digital Buoy System has been selected as a…

Probing the Temperature of Materials Under Extreme Pressure

In new experiments at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s (LLNL’s) National Ignition Facility, scientists measured the extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) of copper to probe its temperature under extreme pressure. The research appears in the…

Upcoming Events

AOC 2023 International Symposium and Convention

Superiority in the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) continues to prove itself as an integral capability that provides an operational advantage in conflicts worldwide. Integrating and synchronizing EMS operations in every warfighting domain across the entire range…

EWA Technical Conference and the Dixie Crow Symposium

The 48th Dixie Crow Technical Symposium will take place at the Century of Flight Hangar Museum of Aviation, located on Robins Air Force Base (AFB), GA. Events include technical short courses, electromagnetic warfare (EW)/intelligence, surveillance,…

2024 Combined Light Armor Survivability Panel (CLASP)

OVERVIEW: CLASP is a “working-level” meeting for engineers and technical personnel from science and technology development, system integration, and program management to exchange information on topics related to armor, survivability, lethality, ballistics, and much more….

Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD-810) Test Training (Huntsville, AL)

This four-day Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD 810) test training focuses on the purpose of each test, the equipment required to perform each test, and the methodology to correctly apply the specified test environments. This class…