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3 OCTOBER 2023

DSIAC collects and publishes articles related to our technical focus areas on the web to share with the DoD community.


DoD Will Deploy AI-Enabled Detection System to Monitor D.C. Airspace

An artificial intelligence-powered airspace ​monitoring ​system is set ​to ​be installed to enhance protection of the nation’s capital​ with the potential to scale across other Defense Department and U.S. government installations​​ and systems. “The upgraded visual recognition, ​identification, ​and warning ​system delivers a tenfold increase in performance capability compared to the 9/11-era system it replaces,”…


Notable Technical Inquiry

A plane marked with an AFRL logo is taking flight

Material and Structure Considerations for Morphing Aerospace Skins

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory is leading an effort on increasing missile range and lethality against highly maneuverable targets through utilizing active morphing.  In this system, morphing is accomplished through articulating the neck region, resulting in high-rate pivoting of the missile forebody. The neck skin of the system is a critical component designed to provide thermal and structural protection to an inner, electronically controlled…

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Dr. Lisa Rueschhoff

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Research on Ullage Overpressure for Fuel Tanks Larger Than 100 Gallons

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Active Illumination to Image Blast Events

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Aerial-Based Datasets of Maritime Vessels

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Using Laser Illumination With High-Speed Imaging

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Programmable Air-Bursting 30-mm and 40-mm Grenades

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EMP Testing Protocols Used for USAF Weapons Systems

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2024 Department of Defense Steels Summit

The Department of Defense Steels Summit brings together the defense, government, industry, and academic communities engaged in the production, use, and research of steel alloys relevant to military applications. The summit is a 2-day event comprised of technical briefings, poster presentations, and panel discussions. We look forward to your active participation as we continue to advance the development and integration of steels to better accomplish…

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DoD Releases Open Announcement Through Other Transaction Authority for U.S. and Selected International Partners

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has released a new Open Announcement through the Defense Industrial Base Consortium Other Transaction Authority (DIBC OTA) that will accept unsolicited white papers to be considered for Defense Production Act (DPA) Title III and Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS) funding. DIBC membership is free and open to U.S. organizations as well as international partners from the United Kingdom…

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Emerging Applications of Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in Naval Energy Autonomy

This webinar will present several emerging applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) in naval energy autonomy and digital transformation and summarize relevant research and development efforts carried out by the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) in a contract with the Naval Facility Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center. The unique solution recently developed…


Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD-810) Test Training (Huntsville, AL)

This four-day Military Standard 810 (MIL-STD 810) test training focuses on the purpose of each test, the equipment required to perform each test, and the methodology to correctly apply the specified test environments. This class…

Hypersonic Technology & Systems Conference (HTSC)

HTSC’s emphasis is on systems and applied technology. This conference highlights the nation’s investments in systems-integrated hypersonic technologies for both research and development and weapon platform integration for offense and defense. It brings together the…

2023 Aircraft Survivability Symposium

This two-day, classified symposium with an optional third day of classified tutorials fosters technical dialogue and exchanges of information on aircraft survivability topics such as design, operational experience, threats current and future, reliability, maintenance, and…

Industrial Committee of Ammunition Producers (ICAP)

Topics of interest for discussion by the ICAP will be solicited from NDIA members within the ammunition community and from interested Government agencies. Outside speakers will be invited as needed to address the topics. No…

Next-Generation Air Superiority

An International Forum for Advancing Air & Space Capability The 2023 Next-Generation Air Superiority Conference is a meeting ground for global air force leaders. The event will welcome the key stakeholders from the US Air…

2023 NDIA Multinational Conference

Delegates attending this year’s conference will have the opportunity to hear views from various nations such as the United States, Israel, Japan, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdoms, as well as key U.S….

Voice From the Community

221109-N-MV201-002- headshot - Rosson
Dallas Rosson, PMP

Principal Engineer, Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport

Dallas Rosson serves as a principal engineer responsible for engineering oversight, process and policy planning and management, digital transformations, Agile Scrum oversight and training, and project management for various Navy programs. He performs and oversees research utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, focusing in logistics, supply chain risk, obsolescence predictions, and diminishing manufacturing sources and material shortages impacts. He is a board member of the Naval Engineering Education Consortium and doctoral fellow at Colorado State University.

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