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Out of the Box

Air Force embraces “failing to succeed” over “succeeding to fail.” Dr. Richard Joseph, chief scientist of the Air Force, believes “failures have their seeds planted in success.” Bureaucracies within the Air Force perpetuate what works. Yet, they often cling to ideas, systems or methods beyond the point of effectiveness – producing failure from that success.

Air Force Opens AFWerX Facility Near Las Vegas

The Air Force is taking a page out of Special Operations Command”s rapid acquisition book to launch its own technology accelerator program, as it works to find cutting-edge and affordable solutions to various technology challenges, the service secretary said Sept. 27. “We just set up our first AFwerX” between Nellis Air Force Base and the

SOCOM Leaning on ThunderDrone Initiative to Acquire New Unmanned Systems Capabilities

Through a series of prototyping efforts — known collectively as ThunderDrone — U.S. Special Operations Command hopes to discover new unmanned capabilities that could benefit the warfighter, the command”s acquisition director said Oct. 2. Industry, laboratory and academic partners, and individual citizens have completed the early rounds of SOFWERX”s first ThunderDrone rapid prototyping event in