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Assured Position Navigation and Timing (APNT)

The U.S. Armed Forces have become reliant on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for precision navigation for foot mobile infantry to high-end precision weapons. Assured positioning, navigation, and timing (APNT) is defined as the ability…


Making Soldiers Safer: Milwaukee Institutions Continue Developing “Blast-Test” Dummy

Three Milwaukee institutions — Marquette University, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and the VA Medical Center — are continuing their work on a “blast-test” dummy. The dummy could help reduce harm to U.S. armed forces caused by explosions under their military vehicles. Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) on or near roadways continue to kill or wound

AUSA NEWS: Oshkosh Incorporates JLTV Upgrades Into Production

Oshkosh Defense has begun upgrading the joint light tactical vehicle (JLTV) in response to a critical Pentagon report issued earlier this year, a company executive said on October 15. The Defense Department”s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation Robert Behler said in his 2018 annual report published in January that the JLTV was “not operationally

Swarm Hell: Can the U.S. Army Stop Hundreds of Drones Armed With Explosives?

(Washington, DC) They can form swarms of hundreds of mini, precision-guided explosives, overwhelm radar, or simply blanket an area with targeting sensors. They can paint or light up air, ground or sea targets for enemy fighters, missiles, or armored vehicles, massively increasing warzone vulnerability. They can instantly emerge from behind mountains to fire missiles at