Assured Position Navigation and Timing (APNT)

Photo Credit: U.S. Army
Photo Credit: U.S. Army

Posted on June 10, 2021 | Completed on February 2, 2021 | By: Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC)

What research or programs exist regarding alternative position navigation and timing (APNT)?

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) was asked to identify research and programs regarding APNT. The U.S. Armed Forces have relied on Global Positioning System (GPS) for precision navigation from foot mobile infantry to high-end precision weapons.  APNT is defined as the ability to provide operational Navy forces continuous access to position, velocity, attitude, and time information with confirmed integrity and sufficient accuracy to perform their mission under the complete range of threat conditions.  Threat conditions include, but are not limited to, GPS degradation, GPS denial, and GPS deception.

A DSIAC systems engineering subject matter expert compiled information on several different aspects of APNT and its threats.  The information describes both the issues in this area and the many ongoing APNT programs within the U.S. Department of Defense and in several major defense contractors’ research and development projects.

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