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Using Electromagnetic Railguns to Launch Small Satellites to Low Earth Orbit

DSIAC was asked for information pertaining to the capability of current EMRG systems to support the launch of objects, mainly SmallSats in the CubeSat/nanosatellite to femtosatellite class. Their masses must range from 0.01 kg to…


Great Power Competition Extends to Arctic

This is part 1 of a 2-part special report on the Pentagon”s Arctic strategy. For years the Arctic’s harsh environment has prevented countries from mining its rich natural resources and accessing prime shipping routes. But as the climate warms and thick barriers of ice continue to melt, the region is now becoming a hot spot

LightSail 2 Just Deployed Its Sails in Space, and It”s a Glorious Moment for Science

LightSail 2 has successfully deployed its solar sails. Shortly after 12:00 pm PST (19:00 UTC) The Planetary Society tweeted that the sails were deployed, and that the spacecraft was sailing with sunlight. We can all enjoy their success and start to wonder how solar sails will fit into humanity”s plans for space exploration. This is

Kepler, Phasor Test Flat Panel Antenna with LEO Cubesat

Startups Kepler Communications and Phasor said Sept. 10 that they successfully demonstrated a link between Kepler’s cubesat and a Phasor flat panel antenna. The test, according to the companies, “represents the first example of a wideband [low-Earth orbit] satellite to have been auto-acquired, auto-tracked, and communicated with, by a commercial flat panel, electronically-steerable antenna.” Antennas