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Marines Ditch MUX Ship-Based Drone to Pursue Large Land-Based UAS, Smaller Shipboard Vehicle

The U.S. Marines have ditched their plan to field a very large drone on amphibious ships, instead breaking the 4-year-old MUX program into a family of systems that will include a very large, land-based unmanned…

Fleet Commander Directs U.S. Navy’s Surface Force to Develop Concepts for Unmanned Ships

WASHINGTON — The head of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet Forces Command has ordered the Service’s surface force to develop a concept of operations for both the large and medium, unmanned surface vessels in development, according to a…

No Laser for You: The Pentagon Wants to Destroy Enemies” Laser Weapons

As militaries around the world race to develop powerful combat lasers, the Pentagon has something else in mind. It wants to destroy those lasers. The U.S. military worries that high-energy laser (appropriately known as HEL) weapons can destroy or damage surveillance satellites, sensors, aircraft, and vehicles or injure personnel. Despite challenges, such as generating sufficient