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Towed Dual-Band Decoy for Aircraft Protection from Radar-Guided Missiles

Navy asks BAE Systems to demonstrate electronic warfare (EW) dual-band towed decoy capability to protect combat aircraft from new radar-guided missiles. PATUXENT RIVER NAS, Md. – Electronic warfare (EW) experts at BAE Systems will demonstrate a new dual-band towed decoy to help U.S. Navy F/A-18E/F jet fighter-bomber pilots avoid modern sophisticated enemy radar-guided anti-aircraft missiles.

Ballistic Missile Defense Being Developed Against Decoys and Maneuvering Warheads

U.S. adversaries are developing sophisticated technologies to foil missile defense systems using innovative approaches like decoys to fool missile seekers, as well as maneuvering warheads able to dodge missile-defense systems. HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Three U.S. prime defense contractors will share as much as $4.1 billion to help develop enabling technologies to enable U.S. ballistic missile

Russia Says It”s Working on a Drone That Can Imitate Any Sub

A famous Russian submarine design bureau is working on a drone that imitates submarines. The drone, tentatively named “Surrogat,” could be a useful decoy in baiting a trap…or escaping one. The Rubin Design Bureau of St. Petersberg, designer of Cold War Soviet missile submarines including the enormous Typhoon class, is working on this drone for