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Grunts to Get High-Tech Targeting Goggles in 2019

This kind of effort to get fighter-jock technology to ordinary grunts—who do most of the fighting and dying—has enjoyed some high-profile attention in the last 12 months. The efforts cover everything from developing a new, more powerful longer-range rifle to buying off-the-shelf quadcopters, from adding virtual reality (VR) training simulations to eliminating tedious safety lectures.

Marines Already Revamping Close Combat Ahead of Mattis” Initiative

A senior Marine Corps leader told Congress recently that the service is already “in line” with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis” effort to make U.S. ground forces more lethal in close combat. Mattis sent out a Feb. 8 memorandum to all senior military leaders announcing the Secretary of Defense Close Combat Lethality Task Force — launching

Increasing Infantry Overmatch with Advanced Shoulder Fired Weapons

SAAB Company announced yesterday at the AUSA convention it is studying adding enhanced, precision-engagement capability for its shoulder-fired weapons. The Massive Overmatch Assault Round (MOAR) study is part the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA’s) Broad Agency initiative seeking ‘Innovative Systems for Military Missions.’ DARPA’s MOAR project explores new ways to increase the combat