Increasing Infantry Overmatch with Advanced Shoulder Fired Weapons

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October 24, 2016 | Originally published by Date Line: October 24 on

SAAB Company announced yesterday at the AUSA convention it is studying adding enhanced, precision-engagement capability for its shoulder-fired weapons. The Massive Overmatch Assault Round (MOAR) study is part the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA’s) Broad Agency initiative seeking ‘Innovative Systems for Military Missions.’

DARPA’s MOAR project explores new ways to increase the combat power of small vehicle mounted or dismounted units introducing a compact, multi-function precision engagement weapon that would evolve into a new category combining the lightweight and versatility of current shoulder fired weapons with the efficiency of larger, heavier and more expensive precision guided weapons. Such weapon would use rounds capable of defeating a wide range of threats – from dismounted personnel, hardened structures, moving vehicles, armor, to unmanned aerial systems – with traditional and non-traditional defeat mechanisms.