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Fire from the Sea

Investment is flowing into naval surface weaponry, notably anti-ship and land-attack missiles, plus naval gunnery, the latter of which is experiencing a renaissance as a versatile means of engaging hostile vessels and land targets. In May 2016, the US Navy completed developmental free flight testing of its next-generation Boeing AGM-84N Block-II+ Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile (AShM)

Increasing Infantry Overmatch with Advanced Shoulder Fired Weapons

SAAB Company announced yesterday at the AUSA convention it is studying adding enhanced, precision-engagement capability for its shoulder-fired weapons. The Massive Overmatch Assault Round (MOAR) study is part the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA’s) Broad Agency initiative seeking ‘Innovative Systems for Military Missions.’ DARPA’s MOAR project explores new ways to increase the combat