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Instrumentation Requirements for 5G Electromagnetic Environment Effects Testing

DSIAC was asked about instrumentation requirements for electromagnetic environment effects (E3) testing of upcoming Fifth Generation, or 5G, versus existing Fourth Generation, or 4G, networking infrastructure and end user devices that would eventually be integrated…


Utah to Roll Out Connected Vehicle Data Platform

The Utah Department of Transportation is building a transportation data network using information from the emerging vehicle-to-everything, or V2X, environment. UDOT’s traffic operations center can use the data to improve roadway safety and mobility, while state policymakers can apply it to infrastructure decisions. UDOT is partnering with Panasonic on the smart roadway network. Announced June

The New Infrastructure the Air Force Needs for Multidomain Operations

What’s missing for the Air Force to be able to simultaneously execute operations in multiple domains of warfare simultaneously in support of a single primary objective? An overarching collaborative infrastructure for systems and sensors to talk to each other. The Air Force is missing the overarching, collaborative infrastructure of systems and sensors that talk to