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The Army is Testing Replacement for the Hellfire Missile

The Army and Navy are testing a missile to replace the vaunted Hellfire. US Army aviators have been putting the new Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) through its paces, as the program works its way to its next milestone, a low-rate initial production decision. The JAGM is meant to provide precision standoff-strike capability to target high-value

Insensitive Munitions: Stopping American Ammo and Munitions from Killing US Troops

Our military relies on bullets and bombs to do their job – but how do we stop those munitions from being used against our own troops? The military needs the most powerful munitions possible, but that explosive power can put U.S. troops at risk. Accidental explosions can occur during transport or storage of munitions. Sometimes

Distributed Lethality: The Future of the Helicopter Sea Combat Community

The future of the Helicopter Sea Combat Community (HSC) community is at risk. HSC, which is made up of both carrier air wing (CVW) and expeditionary (EXP) squadrons that employ MH60S helicopters, struggles with its purpose to the fleet. Platform capabilities fail to keep pace with technological advancements and HSC warfighting relevancy is diminishing. A