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Lethality of Future Small Arms Ammunition

DSIAC was tasked with determining and summarizing research being done with materials and/or design features to improve the lethality of future small arms ammunition. DSIAC performed searches within the Defense Technical Information Center Research and…


Joint Team Ensures Hypersonic Test Success

“We had a great team executing this,” Lt. Gen. L. Neil Thurgood said of the March 19 test. Thurgood, the Army’s director of hypersonics, directed energy, space and rapid acquisition, thanked the joint team for their…

CCDC’s Road Map to Modernizing the Army: Soldier Lethality

Today’s soldiers require advanced capabilities to be effective on future battlefields. Advances in technology have produced better weapon optics, imaging devices, and body armor, as well as many other types of specialized protective and offensive gear. Body armor that could protect soldiers against rifle fire, for example, was not available during World War II, the

New Army Small Arms to Boost Soldier Lethality

FREDERICKSBURG, VA — A slew of new weapons that will increase the lethality of troops is coming down the pipeline, according to Army officials. “The systems — which include everything from the next-generation squad weapon to machine guns — are within sight,” said Lt. Col. Steven Power, the Army’s product manager for individual weapons. Speaking