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The Dawn of Anti-Personnel Directed-Energy Weapons

Is it possible the maturation of one advanced technology can be such a disruptive innovation to the point where certain types of warfare begin to look different? [Laser] directed-energy weapons—or “[LDEWs],” as they are commonly known—present the possibility of transforming warfare due to numerous operational advantages, such as incredible speed and range, light-weight, improved accuracy,

Up Close and Personal

Close-In Weapons Systems (CIWS) are effectively the ‘last line of defence’ for naval vessels. CIWS have evolved in recent years as the immediate threats to ships have grown more complex, with new avenues of development in the area for companies and navies alike. These weapons are perhaps best known for providing protection against Anti-Ship Missiles

Microwave on Deck Could Down Drones

Defense contractor BAE Systems is developing a new microwave for naval clients, and it isn”t for the galley. Its High Powered Microwave deck-mounted array is designed to target incoming air or surface targets with microwave radiation, disrupting their electronics and rendering them useless. BAE first confirmed this project to Wired Magazine in 2011. “BAE Systems