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Recent Inquiries

The Availability of Mechanisms to Protect Crews Against Gun Tube Rupture

  The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center received a technical inquiry on protecting crews from gun tube rupture.  In particular, there is a possibility that a 120-mm mortar tube could rupture due to inclusions present…

Fragmentation Data for U.S. Army Munitions

DSIAC was asked how fragmentation data, or z-data, can be acquired for various U.S. Army munitions (cannon artillery and mortar).  DSIAC used its subject matter expert network to find the controlling office and connect the…

Mortar Systems Information for Professional Development

DSIAC was asked for publications for professional development on mortar systems and ammunition, specifically for the U.S. Army.  DSIAC conducted literary searches of the DTIC Research and Engineering Gateway, open sources, and DSIAC materials and compiled…


Marines Field-Test New Flash-Bang Mortar Rounds During RIMPAC

POHAKULOA TRAINING AREA, Hawaii — The Marine Corps field-tested flash-bang mortar rounds designed to suppress the enemy and save civilian lives during the Rim of the Pacific exercise in Hawaii. Twenty-five nations, more than 45 surface ships and submarines, 17 national land forces, more than 200 aircraft and 25,000 personnel are involved in the drills,

Warships Set to Make Waves With Powerful Lasers

The U.S. Navy is accelerating efforts to place the weapon systems on guided missile destroyers. The U.S. Navy has identified laser weapons as an urgent capability need, and after many years of development, it is moving rapidly to deploy advanced laser capabilities in the near term to the fleet. The Navy is pursuing the highest-powered

US Marines Want Pint-Sized Rocket Artillery They Can Carry in an MV-22 Osprey

After demonstrating its ability to fire artillery rockets from decks of U.S. Navy ships, the U.S. Marine Corps now says it is interested in a similar, but super-compact mobile weapon system small enough to fit inside its MV-22B Osprey tilt-rotors or its future CH-53K King Stallion heavy lift helicopters. Such a vehicle would greatly increase