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Up Close and Personal

Close-In Weapons Systems (CIWS) are effectively the ‘last line of defence’ for naval vessels. CIWS have evolved in recent years as the immediate threats to ships have grown more complex, with new avenues of development in the area for companies and navies alike. These weapons are perhaps best known for providing protection against Anti-Ship Missiles

Insensitive Munitions: Stopping American Ammo and Munitions from Killing US Troops

Our military relies on bullets and bombs to do their job – but how do we stop those munitions from being used against our own troops? The military needs the most powerful munitions possible, but that explosive power can put U.S. troops at risk. Accidental explosions can occur during transport or storage of munitions. Sometimes

Raytheon SeaRAM Poised to Offer Next-Generation of Anti-Ship Missiles

Raytheon is positioning itself to offer key missile defense assets that fill coverage gaps on the U.S. Navy’s littoral combat ships and new frigates, including upgraded surface-to-air missiles and new anti-ship and land attack missiles. The defense contractor is in talks with the service to field the sea version of their rolling airframe missile (SeaRAM)