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Bezos” Blue Origin Space Company Introduces Next-Generation Reusable Rocket

Amazon founder and space entrepreneur Jeff Bezos announced March 7 that commercial satellite operator Eutelsat will be the first paying customer for his next-generation reusable rocket, which is named after his boyhood hero, Mercury astronaut John Glenn. New Glenn is the next step up for Bezos” Blue Origin space company, which has already conducted five

Automated Flight Safety Improving Space Access

After supporting over 3,500 launches in the past 70 years, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) faces a busy 2017. With a scheduled flight manifest of some 30 launches, the Eastern Range is changing the way it handles flight safety to satisfy a wider array of customers. Every rocket launched has a feature onboard that

U.S. Patent Awarded to Design and 3D Print Rocket Fuel

Rocket Crafters, Inc. (RCI) announced today a U.S. patent was granted to co-founder, President & CTO Ronald Jones for a method for designing and fabricating flawless, high-performance, safer handling fuel grains for hybrid rocket engines using additive manufacturing technology (also known as 3D printing).