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Space Force Plan Seen as Optimistic

The Pentagon is making optimistic assumptions, especially regarding congressional support, in its five-year plan for a U.S. Space Force (USSF), according to sources on Capitol Hill and in industry. The Space Force planning task force initial work plan is the first deliverable as directed by the Air Force secretary. The document was created in 30

The Chicken-and-Egg Debate About New Threats in Space

The final frontier is contested space. Nations across the globe are at work developing tools and techniques to survive a conflict in the heavens, should it occur. With the United States appearing to move toward a more formal Space Force and in light of new anti-satellite missile demonstrations, it’s worth examining where, exactly, other nations

White House, Pentagon Detail Shakeup of Space Enterprise

The Defense Department will soon take four major steps toward fulfilling President Donald Trump’s vision for beefing up U.S. space capabilities, with the goal of setting up a new independent branch of the armed forces by 2020, Vice President Mike Pence announced Aug. 9. In June, Trump ordered the Pentagon to immediately begin the work