Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Support and Studies


POSTED:  May 20, 2020


DSIAC assisted the Joint Aircraft Survivability Program’s (JASP’s) efforts to develop and disseminate critical scientific and technical information (STI) related to survivability methods to be used by the combat survivability community for evaluating and enhancing aircraft survivability.

Through several phased core analysis tasks (CATs), DSIAC researched, analyzed, and reported on survivability/vulnerability-related models and model updates/modifications. DSIAC planned and developed survivability methodologies and simulation models, generated educational materials and training programs, conducted research and development testing, and completed program reviews with community STI exchanges.

Additionally, DSIAC supported a legacy Joint Model Users Meeting (JMUM) and provided aircraft survivability community STI, technical training, and project support.

DSIAC is currently continuing to assist JASP with this effort.

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