U.S. Army Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPFs) CUI Collaboration Space

Extending the Army's field artillery range and expanding the capability of long-range precision fires is crucial to maintaining overmatch against potential adversaries (photo credit: US Army).

Posted on February 28, 2023 | Completed on July 12, 2022 | By: Scott E. Armistead, Travis J. Kneen

Is there anywhere to host a controlled unclassified information collaborative website space?

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) staff supported the Army LRPFs Cross-Functional Team’s (CFT’s) by setting up a collaboration site within the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) DoDTechipedia portal. The collaboration site supports issuing notifications, downloading associated event information and other materials, archiving past event materials, receiving new document submittals from both industry and U.S. government entities, and archiving materials at the controlled unclassified information and limited distribution levels (up to Distribution Level C).

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