Artificial Intelligence (AI) Requirement Guidelines and Precepts
Source: U.S. Army

Presented: June 8, 2022 12:00 pm
Presented by: Glen McCue, Melissa Rhoads

The AISWG, established under the Office of the Director of Army Safety, provides a technically qualified advisory authority of stakeholders in AI safety. The objectives and goals of the AISWG are to proactively identify and resolve issues associated with the system safety assessment and testing of AI-enabled systems.  In this webinar, we will present guidelines and precepts that should be included during the design and development of AI programs.  Contractual language for AI systems should include information about AI regarding requirements for data sets, model information, and system safety analysis of AI, particularly the contribution of AI to system hazards.  We will also briefly discuss information from other AISWG subgroups, specifically the Test and Evaluation and Risk Management subgroups.

This webinar presentation contains CUI and is therefore limited to government and contractors only.

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