High-Power, Radio Frequency/Microwave-Directed Energy Weapon Effects

High Power Radio Frequency / Microwave Directed Energy Weapon Effects

Presented: July 30, 2019 12:00 pm
Presented by: John Tatum

This webinar introduces directed energy weapons (DEWs) and their effects – specifically, high-power, radio frequency/microwave (HPM) DEWs. The presentation covers what HPM weapons are, the types of weapons – narrowband and wideband, how the weapons are similar to, but different from traditional electronic warfare (EW) and electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and how the HPM energy couples into a target’s electronics and their effects. We also cover some of the basic modeling and simulation tools for computing and estimating the probability of target failure as a function of weapon power density and range. Finally, we show an example of how to determine hardening requirements for a notional helicopter against an HPM weapon.

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