”Mad scientists” Discuss Emerging Tech as Army Releases Strategy on Robots

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April 10, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: April 10 on

Swarms of robots scouring enemy terrain ahead of ground troops outfitted in high-tech exoskeleton suits are among the many ideas proposed in the Army”s new strategy on robotic and autonomous systems.

In the not too distant future, Army leaders believe, war will be far more complex, calling upon Soldiers to engage enemies in multiple domains simultaneously. The 30-page strategy, which was released Wednesday, outlines five objectives to guide the technology that will ensure those Soldiers can survive and succeed in such an environment.

“As we look at our increasingly complex world, there”s no doubt that robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence will play a role,” said Lt. Gen. Kevin Mangum, the deputy commander for Army Training and Doctrine Command, while speaking at TRADOC”s Mad Scientist conference on robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomy. “We in the Army, and particularly at [TRADOC], need to get our arms around what”s in the realm of the possible.”