U.S. Army”s Laser-Armed Stryker Has Blasted Dozens of Drones

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May 8, 2017 | Originally published by Date Line: May 8 on

With terrorists, militant groups, and other potential opponents increasingly employing weaponized drones, the U.S. Army is becoming more and more concerned about the dangers unmanned aircraft pose to its soldiers. In one recent exercise, the service showed off one potential solution, a specially modified Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) with a laser.

The Army rolled out the testbed vehicle, called the Mobile High Energy Laser (MEHEL), for the 2017 Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment (MFIX) at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. The event ran from April 3rd through the 17th, during which the vehicle knocked out dozens of small quad-copters and remote control target planes.