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5 MARCH 2024

DSIAC collects and publishes articles related to our technical focus areas on the web to share with the DoD community.

USAF F-35A Lightning II’s and an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft fly in formation

The 2024 JASP JMUM will take place 26–28 March 2024 at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD. The purpose of this recurring meeting is to provide model users, managers, stakeholders, and other interested individuals with the latest developments and updates associated with JASP-sponsored models and other models used throughout the aircraft survivability technical community.

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DLA's FY2023 Annual Report cover with images of the world, the U.S. flag, an aircraft carrier, a fighter jet, and soldiers

DLA Highlights Successes in New Annual Report

FORT BELVOIR, Va.  –   The Defense Logistics Agency recently released its 2023 Annual Report, “Transforming Global Logistics.” “In this annual report, we provide a snapshot of our performance over the past year. Through brief descriptions of the agency’s myriad activities, you will soon see that DLA covers a lot of ground, figuratively and literally,” Navy Vice…


Notable Technical Inquiry

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for Maritime Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR)

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) was asked to search for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) that perform Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) maritime missions. A set of parameters was given to DSIAC staff to limit the results, although this search was non-exhaustive and UASs that do not meet all parameters are included. UASs included in this report have two or more of the following parameters: military use, produced in the U.S., payload capabilities up to 50 pounds, endurance minimum of six hours, range minimum of 230 miles, and use of heavy fuel. UASs used for maritime ISR missions are critical to United States (U.S.) military and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to provide early warnings of enemy threats and to support ongoing U.S. military and DoD missions. ISR missions can provide signals, intelligence and electronic warfare processing, analysis, and reporting capabilities, while also allowing communications between submerged maritime vehicles and a UAS.

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Current State and Future Directions of Composites Additive Manufacturing (AM) for Limited Life Aircraft Structure

Continuous fiber composites printing offers an elegant means to generate complex shapes, reinforce parts by leveraging the inherent anisotropy of fiber deposition, and enable a manufacturing paradigm dominated by digital engineering and distributed production.  However, these benefits are yet to be fully realized because of a host of design, material, processing, and integration challenges. This…


EWA Technical Conference and the Dixie Crow Symposium

The 48th Dixie Crow Technical Symposium will take place at the Century of Flight Hangar Museum of Aviation, located on Robins Air Force Base (AFB), GA. Events include technical short courses, electromagnetic warfare (EW)/intelligence, surveillance,…

Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) Model Users Meeting (JMUM) 2024

The 2024 Joint Aircraft Survivability Program (JASP) Model Users Meeting (JMUM) will take place 26–28 March 2024 at John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, MD  20723. The purpose of this recurring meeting is to...

2024 Robins Requirements Symposium

The Thursday, March 28, 2024, Robins Requirements Symposium is a one-day event designed to inform the private sector on portfolio focus areas and acquisition forecasts at Robins Air Force Base (AFB) necessary to accomplish its…

2024 National Fire Control Symposium

The National Fire Control Symposium (NFCS) is an “all-Service” forum for discussing the entire kill chain applicable to the joint military services, as well as their research and development centers and defense industry partners. Technical…

2024 Combined Light Armor Survivability Panel (CLASP)

OVERVIEW: CLASP is a working-level meeting for engineers and technical personnel from science and technology development, system integration, and program management to exchange information on topics related to armor, survivability, lethality, ballistics, and much more….

Voice From the Community

photo Gary Briggs
Gary Briggs

Senior Research Software Engineer, RAND Corporation

Gary Briggs is a senior research software engineer at the RAND Corporation, where he focuses on modeling and simulation, with a strong lean toward Advanced Framework for Simulation, Integration, and Modeling Software (AFSIM), as well as being a developer on several RAND in-house models. He developed a general-purpose framework for reinforcement learning in AFSIM and made it freely available to the community.

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