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Recent Inquiries

Hypersonics Weapons Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation (RDT&E)

DSIAC was asked to search online resources for open source information on U.S. agencies involved in and programs related to hypersonic weapons research and development (R&D). DSIAC staff searched internal resources to provide information on reports…

Unclassified RADGUNS Model

DSIAC was asked about if an unclassified version of the DSIAC-distributed Radar-Directed Gun System Simulation (RADGUNS) model exists for use by incoming new hires/interns who may not have a final full clearance to run the…

Test Procedures for Shaped Charge Jet Weapon Systems

DSIAC conducted a literature search on DTIC’s R&E Gateway to identify two of the most-up-to-date International Test Operations Procedures (ITOP) reports on the topics of ballistic testing and vulnerability testing; each contained information to answer…


U.S. Air Force Testing Drone-Snagging Shotgun Shells

U.S. Air Force security forces, as well as other military personnel and federal law enforcement agencies, may soon be getting a new tool to take down small commercial drones: shotgun shells with a net. The special cartridge is just one system the Pentagon has been looking at to manage the growing threat from small and