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Military Equipment on State-Owned Property

MANET, Adaptive Routing and Cognitive Radio for UAV Networks in Contested Environments

As military forces increasingly rely on remotely deployed, unmanned vehicles, the need for robust, secure, and reliable wireless communication becomes more vital than ever. Interference from dense urban environments and a congested radio frequency (RF)…


The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) was asked for updated information on the FOCUS model, which stemmed from the Fall 2015 DSIAC Journal article “Modeling Intelligence Ped With FOCUS: A Tactical-Level ISR Simulation.” DSIAC…


Electronic Warfare On the Ground

U.S. Army cyber warfare experts are rediscovering electronic warfare (EW) for ground operations, as centralized command authorities combine cyber and EW operations into a new discipline known as spectrum. The Pentagon defines Electronic Warfare (EW) as military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy and directed energy to control the electromagnetic spectrum or attack the

It’s a Cat and Mouse Game as Militaries Fight the Big Threat of Small Drones

WASHINGTON — In August 2014, well-directed artillery fire was used to devastating effect in Ukraine, leaving three mechanized battalions a smoking ruin. Because the units and their positions were identified by a mini-drone, the Ukrainian government lost 200 vehicles, and very-short-range air defenses weren’t even able to locate it. Today, UAVs have grown from a

Pentagon Reinforces Mandate for Electronics Design Open-Systems Standards Like SOSA, FACE, and VICTORY

WASHINGTON – Top U.S. military leaders are reinforcing their commitment to open-systems standards for embedded computing and electronics design, as outlined in a memorandum signed last week by the secretaries of the U.S. Navy, Army, and Air Force. The memo, directed to the Pentagon”s service acquisition executives and program executive officers, calls out existing and