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Applications of Object Detection Under Active and Passive Remote Sensing Systems

The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) received a technical inquiry requesting information on a system that uses a detection scheme in the absence of an illumination signal. A DSIAC subject matter expert provided information…


Industry Fielding More Powerful, Flexible Radars

The defense industry is working alongside the Pentagon and allied nations to bring online new radar systems that can be used on land and at sea. “Among those is Raytheon’s AN/SPY-6 air-and-missile defense radar,” said…

Air Force Ready to Recompete 3DELRR Air-Defense Radar Project to Defend Against Enemy Missiles and UAVs

HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, MA – U.S. Air Force tactical radar experts are moving forward with a quick-turnaround plan to recompete an air-defense radar system intended to detect, identify, and track enemy missiles, as well as manned and unmanned aircraft. Officials of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Hanscom Air Force Base issued

Terahertz Laser to Power “T-ray” Vision and High-Bandwidth Communications

As the military, science agencies, and communications firms compete for scarce spectrum resources, researchers at Harvard, MIT, and the Army have developed a compact, room temperature, widely tunable terahertz laser that offers the potential for high-bandwidth communications, ultrahigh-resolution imaging, and precise long-range sensing for radio astronomy. Until now, the terahertz section of the electromagnetic spectrum,


Common Problems and Considerations for High-Speed Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Designs

FPGA’s use in complex sensor systems is growing rapidly. Radar, communication, navigation, and weapon systems are increasingly relying on the speed, flexibility, and determinism that FPGAs bring to the table for signal and digital signal…