Force-on-Force (FoF) Instrumentation Development


POSTED:  August 1, 2015


DSIAC assisted Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity (MCOTEA) in their effort to correctly report critical data relating to the operational survivability of a program. This required developing a new FoF/real time casualty assessment (RTCA) vehicle instrumentation package.

DSIAC managed the development and review of a new FoF/RTCA vehicle instrumentation package; observed, analyzed, and documented the integration of the instrumentation package into select combat systems; and participated in system exercises to test the integration of the instrumentation package. DSIAC also developed a report that summarized the tasks completed under the effort and provided support for the initial production test (IPT), test working groups (TWGs), test instrumentation, and coordination meetings.

The vehicle instrumentation package was comprised of laser shooting components, sensors, and user interfaces. The output of this work offered MCOTEA the capability to collect, properly store, analyze, and report on data resulting from FoF/RTCA events performed during mobilization (MOB) operational test (OT) events.

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