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Dirty Flow in Hypersonic Wind Tunnels

DSIAC was asked to define “dirty flow” in regards to hypersonic wind tunnel testing, specifically what limitations are associated with such testing (speed, debris used, etc.).  DSIAC subject matter experts at the Texas Research Institute…

Using Shape Memory Alloys as an Intermediate for Materials With Dissimilar Coefficients of Thermal Expansion

  The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center received a technical inquiry on the topic of joining dissimilar materials.  Historically, the integration of high-temperature materials used for leading edges, control surfaces, heat shields, etc. with metallic…

Flexible Thermal Protection System Materials

DSIAC received a technical inquiry requesting information on research into and availability of flexible thermal protection system materials. Materials engineering subject matter experts performed literature searches using DTIC, open sources, and university libraries to provide…


Army Acquisition Chief: Ground Combat Technology a Key Piece of Third Offset Strategy

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Maryland — The Defense Department”s push to develop leap ahead technology known as the “third offset strategy” must include ground forces, an Army official said Aug. 3. The third offset strategy calls for the development of cutting edge technologies in various fields that will give the services battlefield advantages. Many of the