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Five Ways the U.S. Military Will Change After the Pandemic

The global pandemic is about to profoundly change the U.S. military’s role in defending the United States — even if Pentagon leaders don’t know it yet. As we noted in our last column, many Americans will…

For the Marines, a New Commandant Sees a New Corps, in a New Era of Warfare

The Marine Corps’ new commandant, Gen. David Berger, is breaking china, figuratively, to enable the Marines to break China, literally, should a conflict erupt in East Asia. As the only service whose forces are mandated by law — three divisions and three air wings — the Marines have relied on their traditional hold over Congress

Alerts Sound on Maritime Logistics: Several Experts See Seriously Lacking Sealift Capability

The U.S. Navy and Marine Corps are aggressively changing course and refocusing their resources and training to prepare the fleet and expeditionary forces for a “Great Power Competition” with China and Russia. But a growing number of Navy officers and defense analysts are warning that current and planned maritime logistics capabilities are seriously inadequate to