Military Sensing

Includes all sensing applications, including x-ray, ultraviolet, visible/optical, infrared, radar, laser, acoustic, & other sensors.

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DSIAC Journal: Summer 2019, Vol 6 No 3.
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(Photo Source:  U.S Marine Corps)
SUMMARY This article describes a multisensor system for measuring the light output and ballistic velocity of pyrotechnic tracers fired from a weapon. The sensors are composed of...
2019 Sensors & Seekers Test Technology Working Group (SSTT WG) Annual Workshop image
11/05/2019 to 11/06/2019
The Sensors & Seekers Test Technology Working Group (SSTT WG) 2019 Annual Workshop, hosted by the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Center (AvMC), will take place 5–6 November...