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Materials Selection for High-Temperature System; Condensed Phase Foundation

Missile propulsion and hypersonic thermal protection systems typically include components that operate at very high temperatures – often in the range of approximately 1750 °C…

Past Webinars

Open Standards and Interoperability in the Army

As the Army Common Operating Environment (COE) matures and begins to deliver capability products from each of the computing environments (CEs), we start to see…

Active Denial Technology Computational Human Effects End-To-End Hypermodel (ADT CHEETEH)

The ADT CHEETEH is a computational model simulating the response of a human target to Active Denial Technology (ADT). ADT is a counterpersonnel, nonlethal weapon…

Directed Energy Intermediate Force Capabilities (IFCs): Relevant Across the Range of Military Operation

Directed energy weapons are key to addressing the Joint Force’s capability gaps. The Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office (JIFCO), located at Marine Corps Base Quantico,…

Controlling Surface Roughness to Enhance or Degrade Image Appearance in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Surface roughness is one of the most important factors that contribute to the brightness or darkness of objects in a SAR image. Surface roughness is…

Vision of the Next Generation Propagation Tool in a “Fast and Furious” Three-Dimensional World

The advent of 5G networks and the pervasiveness of spectrum-dependent systems complicate the electromagnetic operational environment and make reliable network planning essential to command and…

DoD Maintenance Manual Modernization in the Digital Age

The average age of the modern military aviation maintainer is in the mid-20s. These maintainers have grown up in the digital age, with very early…