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Recent Inquiries

High-Rate Discharge Battery and Electric Motor for Space Use

  The Defense Systems Information Analysis Center (DSIAC) received a technical inquiry requesting information on available electric motor and high-rate discharge battery technologies for space applications.  The inquirer provided a set of requirements for the…

Viability and Scalability of Electromechanical Battery Technology

DSIAC was asked to determine if development of a given electromechanical battery (EMB) technology was viable for development and use in an operational environment and if it could be scaled for applications ranging from individual solider use to…

Infrared Susceptibility Reduction for Li-Ion Battery-based Power Source


Researchers Achieve a 10x Supercapacitor Energy Density Breakthrough

Supercapacitors can charge almost instantly and discharge enormous amounts of power if needed. They could completely erase the Achilles heel of electric vehicles – their slow charging times – if they could hold more energy….

CCDC’s Road Map to Modernizing the Army: Soldier Lethality

Today’s soldiers require advanced capabilities to be effective on future battlefields. Advances in technology have produced better weapon optics, imaging devices, and body armor, as well as many other types of specialized protective and offensive gear. Body armor that could protect soldiers against rifle fire, for example, was not available during World War II, the

Innolith Claims Energy Dense Battery Tech Breakthrough

As more systems look toward better electricity storage, a harmless, durable, and non-flammable battery could be the way forward, Stuart Nathan reports. We are living in an electric age. Our energy carrier of choice is the zipping electron in a conductor. And this trend is increasing. As we develop more and more systems which rely